5playing discs, English – Marantz DV9600 User Manual

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Playing Discs



Film 1: Standard setting
Film 2: Setting for moving images
Film 3: Setting for still images

DNR – Adjusts the amount of noise reduction

(NR) applied to the Y (brightness) component

CNR – Adjusts the amount of noise reduction

(NR) applied to the C (color) component

MNR – Adjusts mosquito noise occurring

around edges in MPEG-compressed video

BNR – Adjusts block noise occurring in MPEG-

compressed video

Sharpness High – Adjusts the sharpness of the

high-frequency (finely detailed) elements in the

Sharpness Mid – Adjusts the sharpness of the

mid-frequency (less detailed) elements in the

Detail – Adjusts how sharp edges appear in the


Brightness – Adjusts the image brightness

Contrast – Adjusts the image contrast

Chroma Level – Adjusts how saturated colors


Hue – Adjusts the overall color balance

between red and green

Chroma Delay – Compensates for misalign-

ment of the Y (brightness) and the C (color)

Gamma – Adjusts the brightness of the darker

images in the picture

Black Setup – Corrects floating black color

Lip Sync – Adjusts the time lag between the

audio signal and the video signal from 0 to 200
msec in 10 msec steps

Initialize – Returns to the default values

5 Press ENTER to save your changes.


• Pressing DISPLAY while the VIDEO ADJUST-

MENT screen is displayed shows one adjust-
ment item, as given below, so that you can
adjust the item while confirming its effect.
Pressing DISPLAY again returns to the former

• The Lip Sync only works for analog sound. It

does not work for digital output/HDMI/i.LINK

Chroma Delay will not operate in Composite

Video out, S2 Video out and COMPONENT
Video out
when Interlace is selected.

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