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DVD Setup Menu



DTS Down Mix

• Default setting: Stereo

Specify DTS downmix settings?

Use the cursor buttons (

2/3) to select

either Stereo or Lt/Rt.

• Stereo

Used to specify stereo downmixing as the type
of DTS downmixing to be performed. This
makes it possible to enjoy ordinary stereo

• Lt/Rt

Used to specify that DTS multi-channel input is
to be downmixed into a format compatible with
the Dolby Surround matrix format. This option
may be selected to enjoy surround sound when
the player is connected to Dolby Surround-
compatible AV amplifier.


• When DTS Digital Out has been set to PCM,

all digital output will be automatically set to
stereo output no matter what DTS Down Mix
setting has been specified.

• When 2 Channel is selected by Audio Out, the

DTS multi-channel’s down mix method can be

CD Play Back

• Default setting: CD

Replay DTS CD? (CD replay settings)

Use the cursor buttons (

2/3) to select

either CD or DTS CD.

• CD

Should be selected whenever listening to a
regular music CD.


Should be selected when listening to a DTS CD.


When DTS CD has been selected and you try to
listen to a regular music CD, no sound will be
output from the audio output terminal and digital

When CD has been selected and you replay a DTS
CD, there may be times when noise is the only
sound produced at first.

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