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Playing Discs



A surround sound effect is generated using
only two front speakers.


When in VCD 2.0 mode (PBC ON mode) and MP3,
this function does not work.


What is a Chapter?
Each title on a DVD is usually divided into chapters
(similar to tracks on an audio CD).

What is a Title?
A DVD may contain several different titles. For
example, if a disc contains four different movies, each
might be considered a title.

Finding what you want on a disc

You can directly access any point on a disc
using one of the search modes. Use these
search modes while a disc is playing. Playback
jumps to the point specified.

1 Press SEARCH repeatedly to choose between:


Chapter search

Title search

Time search


Track search

Group search

Time search

Video CD/CD

Track search

Time search

Super Audio CD

Track search

2 Enter the title/chapter/group/track number

or time (minutes & seconds).

For example, for title 4, press 4.
For chapter/track 12, press 1, 2.
For 45 minutes into the disc, press 4, 5, 0, 0.

3 Press ENTER to start/restart playback.


Some discs don’t allow the Search mode.

Using the INFO menu

1 During play, press the DISPLAY button on the

remote control.

2 Use the cursor buttons (

5/) to select the

desired item.

3 Use the cursor buttons (

2/3) to make the

desired setup, then press ENTER.

• You may use the number buttons of the remote

control to directly access a title, chapter or to start
the playback from the desired time.

4. Pressing the DISPLAY button again will change

the displayed disc time information.

• DVD-Video: Title time

Chapter time

• DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, CD, VCD (PBC OFF):

Track time

Group time/Total time

• The time information of the display changes in the

same way.

5 To make the screen disappear, press the

DISPLAY button again.



DVD VCD CD/Super Audio CD

To access the desired title when there is
more than one in the disc. For example, if
there is more than one movie on a DVD,
each movie will be identified.

Most DVD discs are recorded in chapters so
that you can quickly find a specific passage.

Allows playback of the disc from a desired
time. You must enter the starting time as a

Refers to the language of the disc
soundtrack. In the example, the soundtrack
is played in English 5.1CH. A DVD disc can
have up to eight different soundtracks.

Refers to the subtitle languages available in
the disc. You will be able to choose the
subtitles language or, if you prefer, turn
them off from the screen. A DVD disc can
have up to 32 different subtitles.



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