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DVD Setup Menu




• Default setting: Fix

You may want to make this setting if you connected
this player to your amplifier using the 5.1 channel
analog outputs.

Under the default setting, all channels are output
at the relative volumes they were recorded at.
Change the setting to Variable, if you want to
adjust the relative volume levels of any of the
speakers. Adjustment is in the range of -6dB to
+6dB, in steps of 0.5dB.

• When you set it to Variable, the overall output

level may sound quieter than when set to Fix.
This is not a malfunction.



Cursor buttons (

2/3): Speaker Change

(at manual test tone)
Cursor buttons (

5/): Output Level


To help you gauge the correct gain levels, set the
Test Tone to Manual (test tone from just that
speaker) or Auto (test tone from each speaker in
turn), then adjust the gain so that all speakers
appear to be the same volume from your listening

Follow the on-screen displays to select speakers
and set the Output Levels.

• Many AV amplifiers allow you to make similar

settings at the amplifier stage. In this case, set
the output levels at the player or the amplifier,
not both.

• As the test tone plays through a speaker, its

name is highlighted in yellow on-screen.


• You can't use the test tone function when the

Audio Out setting is 2 Channel (see page 39).
The test tone will not work with the disc tray
open, or while a disc is playing.

• This setting cannot be chosen when i.LINK is

connected or when HDMI is connected while
either Auto or Multi PCM selected for the
HDMI audio setting.

(pages 54, 55)

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