Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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Setting up your Sony

CLIÉ™ ha



• Always use the point of the stylus for tapping or making strokes on the CLIÉ

handheld screen. Never use a real pen, pencil, or other sharp object to write on
the screen.

• When you put the stylus back in its holder, push it in until it clicks into place.


Following the on-screen instruction, tap the center of the
displayed mark.

Also tap the center of the following displayed targets in the lower right
corner and the center of the screen.


If the digitizer is not configured correctly, the
scroll bar may not operate properly, “tapping”
may not work as expected, or other problems
may occur. For re-configuring the digitizer, refer
to “Customizing your Sony CLIÉ™ handheld
(Preferences): Adjusting the Digitizer” in the

After calibration is completed, a screen for selecting your language

Press lightly on the
screen (Tap)

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