Opening/playing back files, Playing back handwriting memos, voice, Memos or image files – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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Playing back handwriting memos, voice memos
or image files

You can use “CLIE Viewer” to view the image files or movie files and play
back the voice memos or handwriting memos saved on your CLIÉ handheld.
Different kinds of file are displayed in date order. It makes easier to find the
file you want to display or play back.

Also, you can attach image files or movie files to your message, or select the
data to use with applications, such as “PhotoStand”, “CLIE Album” or “Photo

Application to be used: “CLIE Viewer”

Files you can use: Image file, movie file, handwriting memo and voice


Set up: “CLIE Viewer” is installed in your CLIÉ handheld.


For details on the file format you can play back or view with your CLIÉ handheld,
refer to “CLIE Viewer” in the “CLIÉ Application Manual” installed on your

Opening/Playing back files


Select the CLIE Viewer

icon in the CLIE Launcher

screen to start “CLIE Viewer.”

The file list screen is displayed.


Rotate the Jog Dial™ navigator to select the file you want
to display and press the Jog Dial™ navigator.

The selected file is displayed or played back.


• You can also display the file by tapping the file icon.
• The files are listed in order of creation date and time.