Using your clié™ handheld with your computer, Step 1: install the software on your computer, Install the software – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

Page 28: On your computer

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Using your CLIÉ™
handheld with
your computer

You can perform the following if you use your CLIÉ handheld with your

• Have the latest data of schedule or address in common between your CLIÉ

handheld and computer.

• Save the copy of backup data for your CLIÉ handheld in your computer.

• Take images or music in your computer with your CLIÉ handheld.

• To see how to use add-on applications in detail with the “CLIÉ Application

Manual” installed on your computer.

Follow the procedure below prior to using your CLIÉ handheld with your

Step 1: Install the software on your


The “Palm™ Desktop for CLIÉ” software stored on the supplied installation
CD-ROM must be installed on your computer. The software is used for data
transfer between your CLIÉ handheld and computer, and handling data such as
Address Book on your computer.


For details on the system required on a computer, refer to “System required on a
computer” on page 84.


Install the software on your computer.


Connect the cradle to your computer.


Enter a user name for your CLIÉ handheld.

Do not connect the supplied cradle to your computer
before installing the software. The software may not
be installed properly.