About this manual – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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About this manual

This manual provides an overview of your CLIÉ

handheld’s features including information

about setting up your CLIÉ

handheld and what you can do with your CLIÉ


Checking the package

Setting up your Sony
CLIÉ™ handheld

Basic operations of your
Sony CLIÉ™ handheld

Using your CLIÉ™ handheld
with your computer

Have a try

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Make sure that all the accessories are
supplied in the package.

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Be sure to charge your CLIÉ
handheld before you start using it
for the first time.

Page 20

Learn about the basic operations of
your CLIÉ handheld.

Page 28

Use your CLIÉ handheld with your

Page 36

Learn about your CLIÉ handheld’s

Page 85

Learn about the parts of your CLIÉ
handheld and other accessories.

Sony CLIÉ™ handheld

Using applications

Additional information

Page 59

Learn about the applications supplied
with your CLIÉ handheld.

Page 74

Explains the troubleshooting and notes
on use, etc.