Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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The following manuals are attached to your CLIÉ handheld.
Refer to the following together with this manual.

‰ Before you start use (This manual)

‰ When you want to be more familiar with the basic operation of the

CLIÉ handheld

‰ When you want to change the CLIÉ settings

‰ When you want to be more familiar with how to use the supplied applications
‰ When you want to install the applications you want to use

‰ When you face problems

Getting Started booklet and Setup poster

Please read these documents at the beginning. They explain how to set up your
handheld for first use.

READ THIS FIRST (Operating Instructions)

Explains following:
• Setting up your CLIÉ handheld and computer

• Basic operations

• What you can do with the applications


• When using CLIÉ handheld for the first time

The basic features and operations are explained in detail.

• CLIÉ handheld advanced operations

The convenient features and how to make full use of your
CLIÉ handheld are explained in detail.

CLIÉ Application Manual (HTML format: Start up on a

The manual explains about how to use the supplied applications in detail.
This manual will be automatically installed on the computer when you
connect your CLIÉ handheld to the computer.
For details on using the manual, refer to “Using the CLIÉ Application Manual” on
page 59 i
n this manual.

Troubleshooting Q&A

The manual helps in solving problems that you may face while using your CLIÉ handheld.