On power/hold switch – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

Page 88

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On POWER/HOLD switch

Turning on/off your CLIÉ handheld

Slide down the POWER/HOLD
(It returns to the center position when
you release your finger)
Your CLIÉ handheld turns on and the
last screen you viewed is displayed.
When your CLIÉ handheld turns on,
the CHG LED indicator lights green.
Slide down the POWER/HOLD switch
to turn off.

Turning on/off the backlight of the LCD

Slide down the POWER/HOLD switch for more than 2 seconds.

Turning on/off the HOLD mode

Slide the POWER/HOLD switch
It avoids pressing buttons or tapping
the screen wrongly. If you slide the
POWER/HOLD switch to set HOLD
mode while turning on, the screen
turns to off even when operating.
If you slide back the POWER/HOLD
switch to the center position, the
HOLD mode is released.