Warning – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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• In some situations or environments, the use

of the Bluetooth™ technology might be
restricted by the proprietor of the building or
responsible representatives of the
organization, for example on board of
airplanes, in hospitals or in any other
environment where the risk of interference
with other devices or services is perceived or
identified as harmful.

• If you are uncertain about the policy applying

to the use of Bluetooth™ technology in a
specific organization or environment, you are
encouraged to first ask for authorization prior
to switching it on.

• Consult your physician or the manufacturer

of personal medical devices (pacemakers,
hearing aids, etc.) regarding any restrictions
on the use of Bluetooth™ technology.

• The Bluetooth™ function equipped

with CLIÉ handheld is valid only in
those countries where CLIÉ handheld
is sold.

• Turn off your CLIÉ handheld to quit using

the Bluetooth™ function.


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