Transferring the documents to your clié handheld, Viewing computer documents on your, Clié handheld (picsel viewer for clié) – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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Viewing computer documents on your CLIÉ
handheld (Picsel Viewer for CLIÉ)

You can view the documents created in Microsoft


Word, Excel, PowerPoint


or PDF with your CLIÉ handheld.

Application to be used: “Picsel Viewer for CLIE”, “Memory Stick

Import” and “Memory Stick Export”

Required media: “Memory Stick” media

Data to be used: doc format, xls format, ppt format, txt format, JPEG

format, GIF format, PNG format, BMP format, PDF format, HTML format
and MHTML format.

Set up: “Picsel Viewer for CLIE” is installed in your CLIÉ handheld.

“Memory Stick Import” is installed in your CLIÉ handheld.
You need to install “Memory Stick Export” in your computer.


For details, refer to “Picsel Viewer for CLIE” in the “CLIÉ Application Manual”
installed on your computer.

Transferring the documents to your CLIÉ


Insert “Memory Stick” media into your CLIÉ handheld.


For details on “Memory Stick” media, refer to
“Inserting/removing “Memory Stick” media” (page 90)
in “Sony CLIÉ™ handheld components.”