Inserting/removing “memory stick” media, Inserting/removing “memory stick, Media – Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

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Inserting/removing “Memory Stick” media

Inserting “Memory Stick” media


Insert “Memory Stick” media in the right direction. If “Memory Stick” media is forcibly
inserted in the wrong direction, the “Memory Stick” slot may be damaged.

Removing “Memory Stick” media


Make sure that your CLIÉ handheld is not writing data to or reading data from “Memory
Stick” media (the “Memory Stick” LED is not blinking) before removing it.
If you remove “Memory Stick” media while the “Memory Stick” LED is blinking,
recorded data may be deleted or damaged.

“Memory Stick” LED
The “Memory Stick” LED blinks orange while
your CLIÉ handheld is writing data to or
reading data from “Memory Stick” media.


Pull “Memory Stick” media out

Push “Memory Stick” media in