Sony PEG-TG50 User Manual

Page 80

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Conserving the battery

• Turn off the backlight under good lighting conditions.


For details, refer to “On POWER/HOLD switch” on page 88.

• Change the automatic power-off time setting so that your CLIÉ handheld

will automatically turn off after a short period of inactivity.


For details, refer to “Customizing your Sony CLIÉ™ handheld (Preferences):
Setting the automatic power-off time” in the “Handbook.”

• If you play audio files with Audio Player, the battery runs out faster.

• When your CLIÉ handheld is turned off, avoid using the Bluetooth™ Wake

Up function if your CLIÉ handheld does not need to be detected by another
Bluetooth™ compatible device.


For details, refer to “Customizing your Sony CLIÉ™ handheld (Preferences)”:
“Setting the Bluetooth™ function”: “Viewing/Customizing Bluetooth™
information” in the “Handbook.”

Using peripheral devices

If the caution message that warns of low battery-remaining is displayed while
you use peripheral devices with your CLIÉ handheld, stop using them
immediately and charge your CLIÉ handheld. If you continue operating, data
in your CLIÉ handheld’s memory may be lost.

When battery charge gets low

• When battery charge gets low, a caution message appears on the screen, and

operations for “Memory Stick” media or backlight adjustment become
If this occurs, perform a HotSync


operation to make a backup of all the data

of your CLIÉ handheld to your computer. Then charge your CLIÉ handheld
using the cradle to prevent accidental data loss.

• If your CLIÉ handheld does not turn on when you slide down the POWER/

HOLD switch, charge your CLIÉ handheld immediately.

• The remaining battery indicator does not always reflect the actual battery

power remaining. To prevent the battery running out accidentally, charge it
frequently even when it is not fully discharged.

• You do not have to replace batteries. When the Battery Remain icon reads

zero, connect your CLIÉ handheld to the USB cable and start charging
immediately. Never disassemble your CLIÉ handheld to take out the battery.

Do not let the remaining battery indicator read 0

If you leave your CLIÉ handheld in an uncharged state (the remaining battery
indicator reads 0

), all of the stored data will be erased. Sony

recommends that you charge your CLIÉ handheld frequently.


Your CLIÉ handheld may get warm if turned on for a long period. This is not