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A different type of paper can be inserted in positions corresponding to front and back covers of a copy job when the
automatic document feeding function is used. A different type of paper can also be automatically added as an insert
at specified pages.
As an example, tabbed paper can be added as inserts at the beginning of chapters or at other pages to create an
indexed document.
● Covers/inserts can be disabled in the key operator programs (page 11 of the key operator's guide).

Example of adding covers

Example of adding covers and inserts

Example of adding inserts

About the explanations of covers and

There are various ways of using covers and inserts.
To keep the explanations simple, covers and
inserts are explained separately. The procedure for
inserting covers is explained on page 5-12. The
procedure for adding inserts is explained on page 5-
After reading these explanations, see the
examples of using covers and inserts on pages 5-
16 to

Preparations for using covers and inserts

● Load the cover/insert paper in the tray before using the cover/insert function.
● Use the same size of paper for the covers/inserts as for the copies. (For the procedures for loading paper, see

pages 2-2 to 2-12.)

● Before selecting the cover/insert function, place the originals in the document feeder, select one-sided or two-

sided copying, and select the number of copies and any other desired copy settings as explained on pages
4-7 to 4-10. When these settings have been completed, perform the procedure to select covers/inserts on the
following page.

● The original must be scanned from the document feeder. The document glass cannot be used.
● Tabbed paper can be used for cover/ inserts, however, two-sided copying cannot be performed on the tabbed

paper. Tabbed paper can fed from the bypass tray, tray 3, and the inserter. The other trays cannot be used.

● Up to 100 covers/inserts can be inserted. Two covers/inserts cannot be inserted between the same pages.
● Pamphlet copying cannot be used in combination with covers/inserts.
● When performing two-sided copying of two-sided originals, an insert cannot be added between the front and

back sides of an original page.

Front cover

Back cover








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