User maintenance, Cleaning the document glass and the automatic, Document feeder – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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To ensure good service from this product over a long period of time, it is recommended that the following
maintenance procedures be performed on a regular basis.

Cleaning the document glass and the automatic document

If the document glass, document cover or automatic document scanning unit have dirty spots, these spots will form
lines in scanned images. These will show up as defects when the images are printed. Always keep these parts clean.

Wipe with a clean, soft cloth. If necessary, moisten the
cloth with water or a small amount of neutral detergent.
When finished, wipe dry with a clean cloth.

If black or white stripes
appear on printed
images of originals that
were fed through the
automatic document
feeder, wipe the long
narrow glasses in the

scanning unit (


in the illustration).

Do not use flammable spray to clean the machine. If gas from the spray comes in contact with hot electrical
components or the fusing unit inside the machine, fire or electrical shock may result.

When cleaning, do not use thinner, benzene, or similar volatile cleaning agents.

Example of dirty print image

Black stripes

Original feed direction

White stripes

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