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About the settings

Total count

This displays the following sheet counts (the
counts that can be displayed vary depending on
the options installed):

Number of pages output by the machine.
Number of original pages transmitted by the
Number of times the automatic document feeder
was used to feed original pages and number of
times the stapler was used (if installed).
Number of pages stored by document filing.

In the case of


●11" x 17" (A3) size paper is counted as two


●Each sheet of paper used for automatic two-

sided copying is counted as two sheets (11" x
17" (A3) paper is counted as four sheets).

●Paper with an entered size of 15-1/8" (384 mm)

or larger is counted as two sheets (four sheets
during automatic two-sided copying).

Default settings

The following settings can be configured:

●Display contrast

Screen contrast adjustment is used to make the
LCD touch panel easier to view under various
lighting conditions. Touch the [LIGHTER] key to
make the screen lighter, or the [DARKER] key
to make the screen darker.


Use this to set the date and time in the
machine's built-in clock. This clock is used by
functions that require date and time information.

●Keyboard select

The layout of the keyboard that appears in letter
entry screens can be changed.
Select the arrangement of the letter keys that
you find easiest to use.

The following three alphabet keyboard
configurations are available:

● Keyboard 1 (QWERT... configuration)*

● Keyboard 2 (AZERTY...configuration)

● Keyboard 3 (ABCDEF...configuration)
* The default setting is "Keyboard 1".

(Example: Character entry screen when
Keyboard 3 is selected)

List print

This is used to print lists of machine settings and a
test page to check resident fonts.
The following lists and pages are available:

●All custom setting list

Shows the hardware status, software status,
printer configuration settings, tray settings, and

●Printer test page

Shows the PCL symbol set list, fonts, network
interface (NIC interface) settings, and settings
used for the NIC card.

●Sending address list

One touch destination list, group list, program
list, and memory box list.

●Document filing user / folder list

Shows the user names and folder names for
document filing.

●Sender control list

Shows the senders that have been stored.

Paper tray settings

The paper type, paper size, enabled modes and
automatic tray switching can set for each tray. See
page 2-10 for details on setting the paper type and
paper size. Automatic switching to another paper
tray is used to automatically switch to another tray
with the same size and type of paper in the event
that the paper runs out during continuous printing.
This requires that the trays be loaded with the
same size of paper. The paper tray settings can be
enabled or disabled for each tray, and for printer
mode, copy mode, fax mode, Internet fax mode,
and document filing mode. To enable any function,
touch the check box key so that a checkmark (











A test page cannot be printed if "PROHIBIT TEST
PAGE PRINTING" (See the "Operation manual (for
printer)".) has been set to "prohibited" in the key
operator programs.

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