Important points when using the bypass tray – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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Important points when using the

bypass tray

● Be sure to load 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" paper, A5 paper,

and postcards as shown (1) horizontal loading in
the diagram below.

(1):Horizontal loading
(2):Vertical loading

● When loading plain paper other than SHARP

standard paper, special media other than
postcards, SHARP-recommended transparency
film, or paper to be printed on the back, the
paper must be loaded one sheet at a time.
Loading more than one sheet at a time will cause

● Before loading heavy paper, straighten any

curling in the paper.

● When adding paper, remove any paper

remaining in the tray, combine it with the paper
to be added, and reload as a single stack.

● Do not use paper that has already been printed

on by a plain paper fax machine or a laser
printer. This may cause printed images to
become dirty.

● When printing on transparency film, be sure to

remove each sheet as it exits the machine.
Allowing sheets to stack in the output tray may
cause curling.

● Use only Sharp-recommended transparency

film. Transparency film should be loaded in the
bypass tray with the label facing down and the
film oriented vertically. Smudging and a dirty
image may result if the film is placed with the
label facing up.

● When loading multiple sheets of transparency

film in the bypass tray, be sure to fan the sheets
several times before loading.

● Use only tabbed sheets that are made of paper.

Tabbed sheets made of film or other material
cannot be used.



Label facing down

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