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The table below shows the product models covered by this manual.

(As of February 2004)


The following operation manuals are provided for the machine. Please read the appropriate manuals as needed for
the features you wish to learn about.

● Operation manual (for general information and copier operation) (this manual):
The first half of this manual provides general information about the machine, including safety information, loading
paper, removing misfeeds, and regular maintenance.
The second half of the manual explains how to use the copy and document filing functions.
● Key operator's guide:
This primarily explains key operator programs for machine management and copier related functions. Key
operator programs for the printer and network scanner functions are explained in the manuals for those functions.
Key operator programs are used by key operators to configure function settings to meet the needs of the
● Operation manual (for facsimile)
This manual explains the procedures for using the machine as a facsimile. To use the fax function, the facsimile
expansion kit must be installed.
● Software setup guide (for printer)
This explains how to connect the machine to your computer, install the printer driver for Windows, and configure
the printer driver settings.
● Operation manual (for printer)*
This manual explains the procedures for using the machine as a printer.
● Operation manual (for network scanner)*
This manual explains the procedures for using the machine as a network scanner when connected to a computer.
To use the network scanner function, the machine must be configured for use as a network printer and the AR-
NS3 network scanner expansion kit must be installed.
* The Operation manual (for printer) and the Operation manual (for network scanner) are provided as PDF files

in the CD-ROM.
These manuals are not provided as printed manuals.

● Considerable care has been taken in preparing this manual. If you have any comments or concerns about the

manual, please contact your nearest SHARP Service Department.

● This product has undergone strict quality control and inspection procedures. In the unlikely event that a defect

or other problem is discovered, please contact your dealer or nearest SHARP Service Department.

● Aside from instances provided for by law, SHARP is not responsible for failures occurring during use of the

product or its options, or failures due to incorrect operation of the product and its options, or other failures, or for
any damage that occurs due to use of the product.

The display screens, messages, and key names shown in the manual may differ from those on the actual machine
due to product improvements and modifications.


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Digital Multifunctional System

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