Storage of supplies, Proper storage, 2storage of supplies – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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Standard supplies for this product that can replaced by the user include paper, toner cartridges, and staple cartridges
for the finisher.

Proper storage

1. Store the supplies in a location that is:
● clean and dry,
● at a stable temperature,
● not exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Store paper in the wrapper and lying flat.
3. Paper stored in packages standing up or out of

the wrapper may curl or become damp, resulting
in paper misfeeds.

4. Store a new toner cartridge box horizontally. Do

not store it standing on end. If stored standing on
end, the toner may not distribute well even after
shaking the cartridge vigorously, and will remain
inside the cartridge without flowing out.

For best copying results, be sure to use only Sharp Genuine Supplies which are designed,
engineered, and tested to maximize the life and performance of Sharp products. Look for
the Genuine Supplies label on the toner package.


Supply and Consumables
The supply of spare parts for a repair of the appliance is guaranteed for at least 7 years following the termination
of production. Spare parts are those parts of the apparatus which may break down within the scope of the ordinary
use of the product - whereas those parts which normally exceed the life of the product are not to be considered
as spare parts. Consumables too, are available for 7 years following the termination of production.

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