Troubleshooting inserter problems – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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Troubleshooting inserter problems

Check the list below before calling for service.



Solution or cause

Stapling position is
not correct
(including saddle

The desired staple mode is not selected.

Select the desired staple mode at the
operation panel of the inserter (page 3-15).

The paper is not loaded in the correct

Load the paper correctly (page 3-16).

The paper is not loaded face up.

Paper must be loaded face up in the inserter
tray (page 3-16).

The inserter does
not operate.

Are any inserter covers open?

Close all covers.

"Disabling of inserter" is enabled in the key
operator programs.

Check the key operator programs and disable
"Disabling of inserter".

A paper misfeed message appears.

Remove the misfed paper (page 3-17).

The [START] key light is not illuminated.

Make sure that the punch or staple key has
been selected on the operation panel of the
inserter (page 3-15).

Paper misfeed

The paper is curled or damp.

Do not use curled or folded paper. When the
inserter is not going to be used for a long time,
remove the paper from the inserter, place it in
a bag so that it does not absorb moisture, and
store it in a dark place.

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