Other optional equipment – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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Other optional equipment

Printer expansion kit (AR-P19)

This is required to add the printer function to
models that do not include the printer function as a
standard feature. The kit includes a network
interface that allows the machine to be used as a
network printer.

Barcode font kit (AR-PF1)

This kit adds bar code fonts to the machine.

Data security kit (AR-FR11)

This kit is used to erase electronic data from the
hard disk and memory immediately after a
document is printed or transmitted.

PS3 expansion kit (AR-PK5)

This kit provides compatibility of PostScript level 3
to the printer.

Facsimile expansion kit (AR-FX8)

This kit is required to add fax function.

Additional fax memory (8 MB) (AR-MM9)

Network scanner expansion kit (AR-NS3)

This kit is required to add the network scanning
The printer function is required to add on the
network scanner function. On models that do not
have the printer function as a standard feature, the
printer expansion kit is required.

Peripheral devices are basically optional, but are incorporated in some models as standard equipment.

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