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Page 78: Notes on use of the automatic document feeder

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The automatic document feeding function automatically feeds originals into the machine, making continuous copying
possible. In addition, both sides of two-sided sheet originals can be simultaneously scanned. This function is
convenient when you have a large number of original pages to scan.

Acceptable originals

Up to 150 originals (20 lbs.


(80 g/m)) of the same size, or an overall stack height of no more than 49/64" (19.5 mm),

can be loaded. Originals of mixed length can also be loaded together as long as they are the same width; however,
some special functions may not operate correctly.

Size and weight of acceptable


Total number of originals that can

be set in the document feeder tray

Maximum of 150 sheets (20 lbs. (80 g/m


)) or

total stack height of 49/64" (19.5 mm) or less.

Notes on use of the automatic document feeder

●Use originals within the specified size and weight ranges. Use of originals out of the specified range may cause

an original misfeed.

●Before loading originals into the document feeder tray, be sure to remove any staples or paper clips.
●If originals have damp spots from correction fluid, ink or glue from pasteups, be sure they are dried before they

are fed. If not, the interior of the document feeder or the document glass may be soiled.

●Do not use the following originals. These originals may cause incorrect original size detection, original

misfeeds, and smudges on copies.

Transparency film, tracing paper, carbon paper, thermal paper or originals printed with thermal transfer ink
ribbon should not be fed through the document feeder. Originals to be fed through the feeder should not be
damaged, crumpled or folded or have loosely pasted paper on them or cutouts in them. Originals with
multiple punched holes other than two-hole or three-hole punched paper may not feed correctly.

●When using originals with two or three holes, place them so that the

punched edge is at a position other than the feed slot.



Original size:

(148 x 210 mm)

5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

or A5

11" x 17"

or A3

(297 x 420 mm)

Weight (thickness):

14 lbs. or



42 lbs. or

128 g/m



... Weight of a sheet of paper of 1 m

Special heavy papers
(65 lbs. (176

g/m )

, 110 lbs. (205


)) can be used.



Hole positions


Hole positions

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