Standard original placement orientations, Automatic copy image rotation - rotation copying – Sharp AR-M700N User Manual

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Standard original placement orientations

Place originals in the
document feeder tray or on
the document glass so that
the top and bottom of the
original is positioned as
shown in the illustration. If not,
staples will be incorrectly
positioned and some special
features may not give the
expected result.

Automatic copy image rotation - rotation copying

If the orientation of the originals and copy paper are different, the original image will be automatically rotated 90


and copied. (When an image is rotated, a message will be displayed.) If a function is selected that is not suitable
for rotation, such as enlarging the copy to greater than 8-1/2" x 11" (A4) size or staple sorting with the saddle
stitch finisher, rotation will not be possible.


●This function operates in both the auto paper select or auto image mode. (“Rotation copy setting” can be

disabled with a key operator program. See page 14 of the key operator's guide.)

Document feeder tray

Document glass

Document feeder tray

Document glass

[Example 1]

[Example 2]

Orientation of original

Orientation of paper

Copy after rotation

Face down

Face down

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