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6510 UM Telephone User Guide

Accessing a Mailbox


Many of the 6510 UM features are available by using a telephone keypad. If you are
already familiar with the 6510 UM system, you can barge through the voice

Before You Begin

Before you can use the 6510 UM system, you need to obtain the following
information from your System Administrator:

Internal extension to access the 6510 UM system;

Telephone number to access 6510 UM from outside of the office;

Your mailbox number (this is normally the same number as your


Your mailbox password (the default password is 1111).

A list of other 6510 UM system users.

Using the Tutorial

The first time you access your mailbox, the 6510 UM system initializes a personal
tutorial that guides you through the setup of your mailbox.

To begin the tutorial, dial the 6510 UM system extension from your desk phone.

Depending on the system setup, the system will either:

ask you to enter your password, or

play the standard greeting (6510 Auto Attendant).

If you are asked to enter your password, then enter <1111>, or the password that
your System Administrator provided.

If you hear the 6510 Auto Attendant, then press the # key to login, enter your
mailbox number and follow the instructions.