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6510 UM Telephone User Guide


Accessing a Mailbox

The tutorial is divided into three sections:

Password: This tutorial section guides you through the password

setup process.

Note: The initial default password is 1111. It must be changed to

ensure privacy.

Personal Greetings: This tutorial section describes the different

personal greetings and plays a sample of a greeting. You are then
asked to record each personal greeting. You can change your
greetings at any time.

Note: The Personal Greetings also includes the Busy greeting.

Name Recording: This tutorial section guides you through the

recording of your name. This is the prompt that the 6510 UM system
uses to identify you to outside callers and internal users who send you

Accessing Your Mailbox

A mailbox is a compartment within the 6510 UM system in which your messages
are stored and from which you can customize how your calls and messages are

To access your mailbox when the system does not recognise

you as a subscriber:

1. Dial the 6510 UM system.

To access the 6510 UM system as a user, call it just as you would call
anyone else in your company with a telephone extension number. Your
System Administrator will provide you with the extension number for the

Dial this extension number whenever you want to call the 6510 UM
system from inside your company.

You can also call the 6510 UM system from outside your company by
dialing your company’s automated attendant.

2. Press # when the system answers. The system prompts you to enter

your mailbox number.