Fax delivery options, Additional mailbox options – NetComm 6510 User Manual

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6510 UM Telephone User Guide


User Options Menu

Fax Delivery Options

With the 6510 UM system, you can send faxes directly into a user’s mailbox. The
user can then access the fax through the telephone and print it to a fax machine.

1. In the User Options Menu, press F (number 3 on the keypad).

The system prompts you with the following options:

2. Press N (number 6 on the keypad) to set the default fax number.

3. Follow the prompts to enter the default fax number that will be

used to receive the fax messages.

4. Press X (number 9 on the keypad) to return to the main menu.

Additional Mailbox Options

Additional options for your mailbox are available from the User Options menu.

To access this menu, press A (number 2 on the keypad) from the User Options

The system prompts you with the following options



N (6)

Define default fax number

X (9)

Exit to main menu



N (6)

Notification Options

T (8)

Call Transfer Options

C (2)

Set Wake-Up Call

X (9)

Exit to previous menu