NetComm 6510 User Manual

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6510 UM Telephone User Guide

Message Menu

3. Press 1 to forward the message with a comment.

4. Record the comment, and then press #. The system prompts you

with the following options:

5. Select the desired action to continue.

6. If you have selected the Message Addressing Options, then you

will be prompted with the following menu:

7. Select the desired action to continue.

8. Once the message has been recorded and set up according to your

preferences, press X (number 9 on the keypad) to send the
message. The system confirms that the message has been sent.

9. If you would like to forward the message to another recipient,

enter the next recipient mailbox number when prompted and
repeat this procedure to forward the message.

10. Once you have forwarded the message to all desired recipients,

press # to return to the original message (Message Menu).



R (7)

Review the recorded message

D (3)

Discard Message

A (2)

Append to recorded message

M (6)

Message Addressing Options

X (9)

Send Message



C (2)

Mark the message as Confidential

R (7)

Request a return receipt

U (8)

Mark the message as Urgent

X (9)

Exit the Message Addressing Options