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6510 UM Telephone User Guide

Main Menu

Making a Message

You can send a single message to individual users or to a list of users using a
distribution list.

To send a message:

1. In the Main Menu, press M (number 6 on the keypad). The system

prompts you to enter the recipient’s mailbox number.

2. Enter the destination mailbox number. You can send a single

message to multiple users, distribution lists, or AMIS/VPIM
network sites.

Note: You may also dial-by-name if you do not know the mailbox

number (extension) of the person for whom you wish to leave a

Depending on the destination, the message is addressed differently:

User: Enter the destination mailbox when prompted.

Dial-by-Name: Press *, followed by the digits that correspond to the

person’s first or last name.

Distribution List: Press *, followed immediately by the distribution list


AMIS Network Site: Enter the remote destination mailbox, and then *,

followed by the AMIS/VPIM site number.

The system speaks the destination information and prompts you to
confirm the information.

3. Press 1 if the correct destination was entered.

4. Press 2 if the incorrect destination was entered and re-enter the

correct destination.

You will now be prompted to record a message.

5. Record your message and then press #.