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6510 UM Telephone User Guide



The 6510 Unified Messaging server simplifies the way that you handle your
messages. Think of it as your own personal receptionist. Depending on the
configuration of your system, the 6510 UM can take your calls when you do not
want to be disturbed, record messages from callers when you are unavailable, and
screen your calls.

Summary of Features

With the 6510 Unified Messaging system, you can:

Screen and forward calls to other extensions

Send a single message to multiple users

Create up to 99 personal distribution lists

Label messages as urgent, certified, or private

Save, delete, forward, or reply to messages

Control message playback (pause, rewind, fast-forward, speed up, and slow
down the playback of messages)

Be notified of messages through a message light, beeper, or another phone in
your office, home, or car.