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6510 UM Telephone User Guide


User Options Menu

Changing a Greeting

The Greeting Options menu allows you to record your personal and active

While in the User Options Menu, press G (number 4 on the keypad) to access the
following options:

To change your Primary Personal Greeting:

1. Press P (letter 7 on the keypad) to access your primary personal


2. Follow the prompts to record a new greeting.

Note: The system will automatically begin playing your greeting as it

was last recorded. If no greeting has been recorded, then the
"Nothing recorded" prompt will be heard.

Hint: You can "barge in" on message playback by pressing the

number 2 keypad. This allows you to re-record your greeting
before the system has finished playback.

3. Press X (letter 9 on the keypad) to return to the main menu.



P (7)

Change your Primary Personal Greeting

B (2)

Change your Busy Greeting

O (6)

Record Optional Greetings

E (3)

Enable an Optional Greeting


For desktop users only: Record and change the Status

X (9)

Exit to main menu