Recording your name, Changing your passcode – NetComm 6510 User Manual

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6510 UM Telephone User Guide

User Options Menu

Recording Your Name

To record name prompt:

1. In the User Options Menu, press N (number 6 on the keypad).

2. Press 2 to record your name prompt.

3. Record the prompt and then press #.

4. Press 1 to accept, 2 to re-record, 3 to delete, or 4 to review the


5. When you are satisfied with the recording, press 1 to accept the

recorded prompt.

Changing Your Passcode

To set a new passcode:

1. In the User Options Menu, press P (number 7 on the keypad).

2. Enter the new passcode and then press #.

3. Re-enter the new passcode for confirmation and then press #. The

system will notify you that the new passcode will be active the
next time you log in over the telephone.