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6510 UM Telephone User Guide

Message Menu

Answering a Message

You can reply to a message that was sent to your mailbox by a user on the 6510
UM system.

Note: You cannot reply to a voice message from an outside caller.

To answer a message:

1. After listening to a message, press A (number 2 on the keypad).

The system prompts you to record your message. Record your
message and then press #.

The system prompts you with the following options:

2. Select the desired action to continue.

3. If you have selected the Message Addressing Options, then you

will be prompted with the following menu:

4. Select the desired action to continue.

5. Once the message has been recorded and set up according to your

preferences, press X (number 9 on the keypad) to send the
message. The system confirms that the message has been sent.



R (7)

Review the recorded message

D (3)

Discard message and record over

A (2)

Append to recorded message

M (6)

Message Addressing Options

X (9)

Send Message



C (2)

Mark the message as Confidential

R (7)

Request a return receipt

U (8)

Mark the message as Urgent

X (9)

Exit the Message Addressing Options