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6510 UM Telephone User Guide


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Forwarding a Message without a Comment

You can forward a message to another user or a list of users without any comments
attached to it.

To forward the message:

1. After listening to a message, press G (number 4 on the keypad) to

forward the message. The system prompts you to enter the
destination extension number.

2. Enter the destination mailbox number. You can also forward a

single message to multiple users, distribution lists, or AMIS/VPIM
network sites.

Note: You may also dial-by-name if you do not know the mailbox

number (extension) of the person for whom you wish to leave a

Depending on the destination, the message is addressed differently:

User: Enter the destination mailbox when prompted.

Dial-by-Name: Press *, followed by the digits that correspond to the

person’s first or last name.

Distribution List: Press *, followed immediately by the distribution list


AMIS Network Site: Enter the remote destination mailbox, and then *,

followed by the AMIS/VPIM site number.

The system speaks the destination information and prompts you to
confirm the information.

Note: To exit message forwarding and return to the message,

press the # key.

3. Press 2 to forward the message without a comment. The system

confirms that the message has been sent.

4. If you would like to forward the message to another recipient,

enter the next recipient mailbox number when prompted and
repeat this procedure to forward the message.

5. Once you have forwarded the message to all desired recipients,

press # to return to the original message (Message Menu).