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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual


Installing Your Digital Entertainer

v1.0, May 2006

7. Make sure that Folder Sharing in Windows Media Connect is selected.

Setting up the Digital Entertainer

The digital entertainer must be set up to work with your network and with
Windows Media Connect. If you have a wireless network then you will need to
know the SSID (also called the network name), and wireless security settings, if

Follow these steps:

1. Turn on the digital entertainer and turn on the television.

A message on the television screen asks if you want to use Viiv network

2. Select no.

3. Use the remote control to select the onscreen option to allow the digital

entertainer to use Windows Media Connect.

4. The television shows the network screen, which displays your network


If you are using an Ethernet cable, this screen shows router information
such as the MAC address.

If you are using a wireless connection, see“WiFi Setup” on page 4-5.

For help with troubleshooting see “Connecting to the Digital Entertainer”
on page 5-2 and
“IP Address” on page 5-4.

5. Use the remote control to select the desired media.

Note: Windows Media Connect is set to share the My Music and My

Pictures folders (and My Video, if present). You can click Sharing in
Windows Media Connect to add or remove shared folders. For more
information, see the Windows Media Connect help.