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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual

Videos, Pictures, and Music


v1.0, May 2006

Folders. Show photographs by folder.

Playing Music

The digital entertainer finds the media files on your computer’s hard disk, on other
computers, external hard drives, or other storage devices on the network.

Some audio files may be stored without information in some fields, such as album
or genre. If this is the case, these tracks are listed in a category called “Unknown”.
For Internet Radio selections, see “Playing Music from the Internet” on page 3-3.

To play music, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Music Jukebox menu.

You can use the Music button on the remote control to go to the Music
Jukebox menu, or select Music from the main menu displayed on your

2. From the Music menu, choose one of the following selections:

Album. Display albums in alphabetical order. You can play an entire
album, or a specific song in the album.

All Music. Display all music files in alphabetical order.

Artist. Display music files by artist in alphabetical order.

Folders. Display the folders containing music files that the media player

Genre. Display music files by genre. The genres that are listed depend on
the media files that are on your media server or Internet music server.
Some formats, such as MP3 include genre. If a music file does not contain
a genre, it is listed as Unknown.

Note: The digital entertainer automatically displays one photo after the

other. To adjust the length of time each picture is shown for a
Slideshow, see “Advanced” on page 4-3.

Tip: The Repeat button on the remote control lets you repeat a