Advanced, Advanced -3 – NETGEAR Digital Entertainer EVA700 User Manual

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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual

Media Library and Digital Entertainer Settings


v1.0, May 2006


The Advanced menu allows you to view and change the following settings:

Screen Saver. The number of minutes without activity before the screen saver
comes on.

System Language. The language setting for the media player screen displays.

Encoding Language. The character set used by subtitle files.

Subtitle Language. Some video files have subtitle tracks in different
languages. This selects which one is used by default.

Slide Show Timer. The number of seconds that each picture is displayed.

Repeat Mode. The default setting is Repeat Off.

To change advanced settings follow these instructions.

1. Press Menu on the remote control. The Setup button on your television screen

is automatically selected.

2. Select Advanced to go to the Advanced menu.

3. Use the remote control to change the settings.

4. Select one of the buttons displayed at the bottom of the television screen:

Save. Saves the changes that you made.

Cancel. Discards the changes that you made.

Restore Factory Settings. This returns the digital entertainer to its
default factory settings, including network settings.

Warning: If you restore factory settings, then you will need to

set up the digital entertainer again to run on your
network and to access media files.