NETGEAR Digital Entertainer EVA700 User Manual

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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual

Intel® Viiv™ Technology


v1.0, May 2006

1Home networking requires additional devices, software or services. Ability to share some content is
limited; subject to authorization from the content owner or service provider and network device capability.
Verified devices and services will vary; check for desired features/functionality. May require TV tuner card
and/or remote which may be sold separately. Instant on/off feature works after initial boot, when
activated. System performance will vary depending on your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s
network setup software currently only supports DHCP (“Always On”) and PPPoE broadband connectivity
protocols. PPPoA, PPtP and other protocols require use of router manufacturer’s network set up software.
Check verified router specifications against Internet provider requirements before purchasing. See for more information.

set up a network

Guides you through setting up your Intel Viiv technology-based home


. This menu selection is used when you initially set up your home




view network map

Displays a graphical view of your home network


including the Internet

connection (if a connection is available), the router, PCs, and other devices.
By selecting a device icon on the map, you can update device status,
including granting and revoking media access permissions.

add a device

Guides you through adding a device such as a digital media adapter (DMA).
Use this menu selection to add new devices to the home network


after initial

set up is complete.

join a network

Guides you through adding an Intel Viiv technology-based PC into an existing
home network



update media library

Helps you manage your media library and allows you to identify what servers
and folders to include in your library.


Lets you set options for keeping your Intel Viiv software up-to-date, receiving
notifications, turning the Intel® Viiv™ Media Server on or off, showing or
hiding the tray icon, and automatically updating services. It also tells you how
to get product support for Intel Viiv software and view software version

notification center

Lists alerts about issues affecting your media, Intel Viiv software, Intel Viiv
technology-based PCs, and home network



product overview

Displays an animated overview of Intel Viiv technology and the home