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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual


Media Library and Digital Entertainer Settings

v1.0, May 2006

Security. The default is None. WEP 64-bit/WEP 128-bit can also be
entered if your network uses it.

Passphrase. You can enter a passphrase, or use the Generate button to
create one.

Key. For wireless networks with WEP, a security key is used.

4. Select Save to save your settings, or Cancel to discard your changes.

Wireless Networks

If you are planning to use digital entertainer with a wireless network, check the
location where you plan to install it for sources of interference. For best results,
find a location free of the following common sources of interference:

Large metal surfaces

Microwave ovens

Aquariums or large fish tanks

2.4 GHz Cordless phones

In general, 802.11g wireless equipment can communicate through walls.
However, if the walls are made of concrete, or have metal, or metal mesh, the
802.11g effective range will decrease if such materials are between the media
player and the wireless router or access point.

Changing the Wireless Network Configuration

For wireless networks you must configure the digital entertainer for the wireless
network, and also configure it to work with your media library. You will need to
know the network settings such as the SSID (network name). If your network uses
wireless security, then you need to know any passwords, passphrases, or keys that
are required for access.

Follow these steps:

1. Turn on the digital entertainer and turn on the television.

Warning: For video streaming, a wired connection between the

computer and the digital entertainer is recommended. A
wireless connection can work well if you want to play music
or view photos.