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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual



v1.0, May 2006

Wireless Link

Please be aware that wireless data rate and throughput decreases as the distance
increases between the Access Point (AP) and the digital entertainer. If you are
unable to detect any wireless networks, try the following:

Your wireless AP (access point) may be too far from the digital entertainer. It
may be necessary to move either the AP or the digital entertainer so that they
are closer together.

If you are using a wireless connection between the AP (or wireless router) and
the computer that serves the media content, you might also need to move the
computer and the AP closer together.

If your access point is configured to disable broadcast of SSID, the digital
entertainer will not be able to detect it. You must manually configure your
wireless settings as described in “WiFi Setup” on page 4-5.

The digital entertainer cannot connect to the wireless network while it is
connected to the Ethernet network. Disconnect your Ethernet cable.

For detailed information about wireless networks, see the link to this topic listed
in “Wireless Communications:” in Appendix B.

IP Address

If the digital entertainer does not receive a valid IP address, try the following:

Verify that a working DHCP server is on your network. PCs on the network
should get IP addresses in the correct range.

If the digital entertainer is set to use DHCP and fails to obtain an IP Address
from the server, it will resort to an auto IP Address in the range of
169.254.x.x. You can use a Static IP Address if there is a problem connecting
to the server.

If you are using a wireless network, verify that the digital entertainer is
associated with the correct SSID. The SSID that is being used can be
displayed by following instructions in “WiFi Setup” on page 4-5.

If you are using a wireless network, verify that the WEP settings on the digital
entertainer match the settings on your access point. This must match the
setting on your access point. For information about WEP, see the link listed in
“Wireless Communications:” on page B-1.