Chapter 2 intel® viiv™ technology, Updating the intel® viiv™ software, Chapter 2 – NETGEAR Digital Entertainer EVA700 User Manual

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v1.0, May 2006

Chapter 2

Intel® Viiv™ Technology

To use the instructions in this chapter, you must have an Intel® Viiv™
technology-based PC featuring the Intel® Viiv™ logo below. Otherwise, use the
instructions in “Windows XP Computer Without Intel® Viiv™ Technology” on
page 1-8.

Your digital entertainer has been designed to work with Intel Viiv technology-
based PCs, to help you add this device to your network and enjoy content from
your PC. To enjoy these features, you may need to update the Intel Viiv software
on your PC. For more information about Intel® Viiv™ technology, go to

Updating the Intel® Viiv™ Software

Insert the CD that came with your digital entertainer into your Intel® Viiv™
technology-based PC, and follow the on-screen instructions to guide you through
the upgrade process. You may be prompted to upgrade the Intel® Viiv™ software
on your PC if it has not already been upgraded. If an Intel Viiv software upgrade is
required follow on-screen instructions to restart your PC to begin using the new

Figure 2-1

Note: The Intel® Viiv™ software will periodically change and be

updated to better meet consumer needs. If the screens you see on
your PC do not match the screenshots in this guide, please go to to get the latest version of this user guide.