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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual


Media Library and Digital Entertainer Settings

v1.0, May 2006

By default, Windows Media Connect is set to share the folders My Music and
My Pictures. If there is a My Video folder it is also shared.

3. Select “Make this content available to all devices.”

For information about the Windows Media Connect Devices and Settings
features, see the Windows Media Connect online help.

Media Player Setup Menu

The NETGEAR Digital Entertainer EVA700 has a Setup menu that can be
displayed on the television screen. You can use this menu to go to the following

Advanced. View or change advanced settings.

IP Config. View or change the IP configuration.

WiFi. View or change the wireless network settings.

Firmware. View the firmware level, and check for updates.

To view or change these settings, follow the steps below:

1. Use the remote control to go to the main menu on the television screen.

2. Press Menu on the remote control. The Setup button on your television screen

is automatically selected.

3. Choose the menu that you want to display.

Note: To stop sharing for a folder, remove it from the list of shared