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v1.0, May 2006

Chapter 5


This chapter gives information about troubleshooting your digital entertainer.

No Television Display or Poor Display

You can choose S-Video, SCART, Component Progressive, or Component

S-Video: This cable is not included in the package. If your television uses

S-Video, you must provide your own cable and set the Video Output to


SCART: This cable is often used in Europe and Australia, and is not included
in the package. However, if you have a SCART cable the digital entertainer
will recognize it.

Component Progressive and Component Interlaced: The digital
entertainer is set by default to work with component video cables. To use
component progressive you must have a television that supports this

Note: If the TV Mode that you are using is not the right one for your

television, you may not be able to see the menus on the television.
To fix this problem, push TV Mode on the remote control. You
can cycle through each of the possible TV modes to find and
select the correct one.