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Digital Entertainer Model EVA700 User Manual



v1.0, May 2006

Connecting to the Digital Entertainer

Here are some tips for correcting simple problems that may prevent you from
connecting to the digital entertainer.


Recommended Action

The digital entertainer
does not respond to the
remote control.

Check the LED on the front panel of the digital entertainer to
make sure the power is on.
Make sure the television is turned on.
The LED on the remote control should flash when you push
a button.
• If the LED does not flash, and the batteries are working,

then the remote may be faulty.

• If the LED does flash, reset the digital entertainer.

The digital entertainer
does not find my

• For wireless networks, make sure that the Wireless

Network Name (SSID) and security settings of the digital
entertainer and media server match exactly.

• Restart the media server software, then power cycle the

media player.

• The digital entertainer

does not find the
Windows Media
Connect server.

• The digital entertainer

is not in the list of
devices in Windows
Media Connect.

• Make sure that the computer and the digital entertainer are

connected to the same network and turned on.

• If you do not use DHCP on your network, you must set the

IP address of the digital entertainer in the range of
addresses on your network. See IP Address on page 5-4.

• If the server where Windows Media Connect is running is a

member of a Windows domain:

1. Make sure that you are connected to the domain (either

by being on the same network, or by using a VPN
connection), and then restart folder sharing in Windows
Media Connect.

2. If this is not possible, uninstall Windows Media Connect

and reinstall it using a local user account. Then set up
sharing in Windows Media Connect while logged in with
this local user account.