Installation, Install console – Z Microsystems SL User Manual

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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


Pull the two Console inner members of the

slides out until they lock in the second lock


Guide the Console’s inner slide member

into the middle slide member, and gently

slide the Console into the slide assembly

until it stops. This may require a second

person to support the power supply.

Press in the first set of catches on each

slide and slide the channel until the second

safety catches stop the sliding action.

Simultaneously press in the second set of

safety catches on each slide rail and slide

the channel all the way off the back of the


Install Console


Hold the Console with the front toward you

and as horizontal as possible. NOTE: In

the next step, be sure to carefully support

and guide the power supply at the rear of

the Console.

From the back of the rack, gently guide the

power supply toward you.