Replacements, Replacing parts – Z Microsystems SL User Manual

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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


If the Z Microsystems Technical Support Engineer determines that the product needs to

be replaced, a Customer Service Representative will issue a Return Material Authoriza-

tion (RMA) number.

An RMA number is required to return a product to Z Microsystems, regardless of the

reason for the return.

The Z Microsystems Customer Service Department/RMA Request Form will ask the cus-

tomer to provide the following information:

• model number
• serial number
• problem
• return “ship to” address
• the name and address of the company department to which we will send

the invoice (if product is out of warranty or is different from the “ship to”


• phone number and e-mail address of contact
• purchase order number

You will be given an RMA number and will be asked to send the product to:
Z Microsystems

ATTN.: (RMA#) It is very important to reference the RMA#

5945 Pacific Center Dr., Suite 505

San Diego, CA 92121