Operations, Main screen information, Main screen configuration – Z Microsystems SL User Manual

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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


Main Screen Information

Use the Up and Down buttons to highlight the “Information” option. Press the “Menu” but-

ton to access the “Information” submenu.

Within this submenu, view

the video mode resolution,

the refresh rate, and the

sync mode. Press “Exit” to

return to the Main Menu.

The Firmware Version and

Build Date are also avail-

able on this screen.

Menu Timeout:
The menu timeout is the

amount of time the menu

will appear while not in use

before it times out. When

the menu times out, it

disappears from the main

screen. Select with Up and

Down keys and adjust with

the Left and Right keys.







Reset Default Settings:
Resets all Main Menu set-

tings to the factory default

settings. Select and press

the Menu button.
Channel Select Auto:

The Command Console has two channel options. Highlight

“Channel Select” and use the Left and Right keys to

change channels. If both channels have been configured

for use, the following options are relevant:
AUTO: Automatically selects the available channel.
CHANNEL A: Allows the operator to choose Channel A as

CHANNEL B: Allows the operator to choose Channel B as

active (channel B is optional--not standard).

The Channel LEDs on the

front panel display buttons

reveal the active channels,

as well. See the section

regarding “Controls” for

more details on the channel


Main Screen Configuration