Installation, Shipment contents, Required tools – Z Microsystems SL User Manual

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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


Required Tools

• Phillips screwdriver, 2 pt.
• 5/16 wrench

NOTE: For the fastest and easiest

installation of the Command

Console, follow these steps

in the sequence they are



In preparation to install the Command

Console, take the following precautionary

Verify the Command Console power

switch is OFF.
Do not connect or disconnect the unit dur-

ing an electrical storm.
The power cord plug must be connected to

a properly grounded power outlet.
Any equipment to which the unit will be at-

tached must also be connected to properly

wired and grounded power outlets.

Ensure all of the following parts are in-

cluded in the package received from Z Mi-

crosystems. Verify all parts have not been

damaged during shipment. If any of the

parts are missing or damaged, immediately

contact Z Microsystems Customer Service

at 858-657-1000.

• Command Console unit

attached to the mounting


• Power Cable
• User Manual
• Video Cable
• Serial Cable
• Rack-mounting hardware

Remember to save the unit’s original

shipping materials. It may be necessary to

move the unit at a later date.