Operations, Main screen picture adjust, Onscreen menus – Z Microsystems SL User Manual

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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


To access the onscreen display main menu, press the menu button on the front of the

panel. The Command Console’s functions are controlled using the Main Menu’s subtopics.

These submenus can be

accessed using the Up

and Down buttons on the

display panel. See sections

below for specifics regard-

ing the submenus.

Main Screen Picture Adjust

Use the Up and Down buttons to highlight the “Picture Adjust” option. Press the “Menu”

button to access the submenu.

NOTE: Brightness of the main screen can also be

adjusted without entering the Main Menu

using the up and down display buttons.

Use the Up and Down Keys

to highlight the desired op-

tion. Use the Left and Right

buttons to increase and de-

crease the Brightness and

Contrast characteristics of

the screen. Press “Exit” to

return to the Main Menu.

The new adjustments will

be applied automatically.