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Doc# 27-0032UM Rev A Issued 07/05


KVM Control

The SoftMenus KVM Control feature enables the display to communicate with the KVM

over the serial port. The ASCII string assignments can only be configured through Soft-

To assign or alter the ASCII strings, click on the SoftMenus’ Tools drop-down menu.

Left click on the “KVM Setup” option and the following screen will appear:

The button images map to

the physical buttons on the

display panel.
Click on the buttons cor-

responding to the desired

string to gain access to the

assignment screens.
Click on the “Properties”

button to specify the serial

port configuration the dis-

play should use to commu-

nicate with the KVM.
Click the “OK” button to

save the settings and

exit from the KVM Setup

screen. Click the “Cancel”

button to exit from the KVM

Setup screen without saving

the changes.

NOTE: The exact ASCII strings and serial port properties are defined by the KVM

manufacturer. See the KVM manufacturer’s documentation to assign the

ASCII string.